We do more than just produce signs. We

make a statement about you and your


Whether you are a major retail brand, a large public service establishment, or a local high street shop, the signage you employ says as much about you as the products or services you offer.

At PR Graphics, we understand this better than most. What sets us apart is our willingness to explore the vision and broader objectives behind your signage needs. Not just the products or services you offer, but the very values you wish to project, whether through your brand or your reputation. 

We do so by adopting a collaborative approach, based on responsiveness, teamwork, flexibility, and most of all trust.

The greater insight we have into what it is you are trying to achieve, the better able we are to apply our specialist knowledge in the delivery of a successful sign solution. In commercial applications, we recognise the need to work within your overall brand and communications strategy, delivering maximum impact while also reinforcing the image and profile of your business. 

 In more functional applications, such as information and wayfinding, we can provide valuable advice on the design and materials that will best meet the demands of the location and environment, including sign management and maintenance.

In essence, we see our role as much more than just sign makers and suppliers. We have the capabilities and resources to provide innovative and bespoke solutions that will optimise your specifications in terms of quality, value and durability. 

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